KSTP’s Ridiculous Story – An Open Letter to KSTP News Director Lindsay Radford re: #pointergate

Below you will find the text of an email I sent to Lindsay Redford, the news director at KSTP (link to her bio). If you find this story as outlandish and irresponsible as I do, I’d encourage you to email her as well. Her email address is lradford@kstp.com. If you discuss this on twitter, use the hashtag #pointergate.

Dear Ms. Redford,
This story, by Jay Kolls, should be an embarrassment to your station. For god’s sake, Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges is simply pointing her finger, just like she’s doing in this photo:
Mayor Betsy Hodges Points
There is zero evidence that she’s “flash[ing] a gang sign”, and anyone with any common sense would realize that it is, quite frankly, stupid to jump to that conclusion. Have you watched the video of Navell Gordon, mayor Hodges, and other volunteers that is embedded in Shaun King’s excellent article on this? If not, I highly recommend that you do.
This kind of irresponsible “reporting” is shameful, and would be funny if it weren’t so damaging. Jay Kolls should be fired for such incompetence, and at the very least your station should issue an apology.
Park Silkenson

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Programmer, lawyer, ambient music lover, cell phone/texting addict. Love skydiving and motorcycles.

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