Why I opted-out of the back-scatter X-ray machine at the airport, and why you should, too

Having just opted-out of the new back-scatter x-ray “security feature” myself just a week ago, I’ve noticed several articles on the web talking about it. Here are some of my favorites:

Jeffrey Goldberg: TSA Meets Resistance

Marco Arment Comments and Summarizes:

So, to summarize: With no supporting evidence whatsoever that it will make anyone any safer, and in response to absolutely no credible threats, the TSA has decided to implement a policy, that nobody asked for, in which every passenger must allow TSA agents to either see or touch their genitals before boarding a plane.

Paul Kafasis Comments. Warning, there’s a graphic image at the bottom of the post showing how the image from a back-scatter machine (which is inverted, kind of like the negative of a film) can be reversed to produce an almost life-like result.

And if you need more proof of the invasive nature of these scanners, this article talks about a TSA security guard that assaulted another guard who teased him for having a small penis. What does that have to do with the scanners? Well, during training the guards themselves went through the scanners and Rolando Negrin, one of the guards, was teased by the other guards because of the size of his penis. He later assaulted one of the teasers in the parking lot, because the other guard would not apologize.


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