Palm Pre, iPhone and WWDC

Well, here we are at WWDC eve. I meant to do a long post about my ongoing back-and-forth between the Palm Pre and the iPhone, but now that we’re about to get all the juicy iPhone 3GS details in about 10 hours I kinda don’t see the point.

When I first heard about the Pre, I was stoked. But with iPhone 3.0 firmware and the fact that my computer life pretty much revolves around Macs, I’m leaning more and more toward going back to the iPhone when the 3rd gen is finally released. The Pre is amazing, and from a general consumer perspective anything that keeps Apple on their toes is a good thing. I just don’t think it’ll be for me.

I’m trying to convince Emily to get one though 🙂


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Programmer, lawyer, ambient music lover, cell phone/texting addict. Love skydiving and motorcycles.

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