Tearing away and rebuilding

Sometimes people are wonderful–I mean not all of them, but on occasion you come across one that does it just right. They’ve likely been being all kinds of awesome all their life, but for whatever reason you didn’t fully see it before. Maybe you weren’t ready to see it. When you meet up with those kinds of people in life it’s pretty awesome. I know I tend to use “awesome” a lot, but that’s just how it’s gonna be. Plus, is there a more awesome word than “awesome”? Don’t think so.


Idiot drivers

So I’m leaving Niki’s apartment tonight a little after 10:00 and this idiot is driving up the complex driveway on the opposite side of the road–yeah, that would be MY side of the road. Neither of us are going very fast, but I drive a little Honda Civic and he’s in a fucking ford F150 so my car takes all the damage (it’s not too bad: broken bumper, bent hood). I call the cops and it takes them over an hour to show up, but I guess since it was taking so long he comes over to me and asks if I called them. I say “yeah, do you have your insurance on you?” because after the accident he drove off and parked his truck. Anyway, Niki starts asking him where his truck is and where his parking spot is but he’s not interested in answering and says that he can’t remember the number of his parking space. I say that the cops are probably going to want to see it and somehow we got into who was on the wrong side of the road. Then this idiot has the balls to say that I was on the wrong side of the road!

Keep in mind that at this time my car is in the exact place it was when he hit me–and there are raised yellow bumps that mark the center of the driveway–and my car is COMPLETELY on the right side of the line where it should be. Of course, when I try to point this out to him he just walks away. After pulling shit like that I know he’s probably going to lie to his insurance so I call my roommate to see if she can bring me my digital camera, but just after I do that the cop finally shows up and tells me I need to move my car. Oh well. I called Erin and told her never mind. The cop takes a report from each of us, fills out forms for us with each other’s info, and that’s that.

The only positive thing about all this crap is that I’m getting a new car tomorrow, and I am extremely lucky this whole thing happened when I was driving my old Civic instead of anytime after today when I will likely be driving my new (to me) Jetta.