WikiLeaks is not the problem

Mark A. Thiessen, an apparently ignorant columnist for The Washington Post says: “You’re either with us, or you’re with WikiLeaks

Some say attacking WikiLeaks would be fruitless. Really? In the past year, the Iranian nuclear system has been¬†crippled by a computer worm called “Stuxnet,” which has attacked Iran’s industrial systems and the personal computers of Iranian nuclear scientists. To this day, no one has traced the origin of the worm. Imagine the impact on WikiLeaks’s ability to distribute additional classified information if its systems were suddenly and mysteriously infected by a worm that would fry the computer of anyone who downloaded the documents. WikiLeaks would probably have very few future visitors to its Web site.

As Matt Honan said, with regard to the above quote, it’s “one of the dumbest things ever written about the Internet.”

Thiessen sounds like a scared little man, afraid to stand up for himself. Afraid that the world he lives in is too scary. So afraid that he’s willing to put all his trust in the same government that has been embarrassed by the documents and videos of WikiLeaks, showing what terrible things the US government is capable of.¬†Thiessen only shows how narrow-minded he is. The discussion should not be about WikiLeaks, it should be about the information the site has brought to our attention.

(via Darring Fireball)


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