Shopping with a baby

Going to the grocery store (or any store for that matter) is definitely more challenging with a baby.

Now that Charley is a little older we’ve been taking her out with us more and we’ve noticed a disturbing thing: she LOVES the mall. Of course, I’m sure it’s just that her little sponge-brain enjoys all the people-watching she can do there, but I don’t want to start a trend with her where mall=entertainment. I mean, if a few years she’s going to want to buy shit while she’s there, right? And she’s going to use my or Emily’s money until she’s old enough to get a job and pull her own weight in this family—and that won’t be until she’s 8 or 9.


About Park

Programmer, lawyer, ambient music lover, cell phone/texting addict. Love skydiving and motorcycles.

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