Job hunting

Admittedly, I took some time off from the job hunt after the little one was born on December 5 last year. However, in the recent weeks I’ve been feeling the pressing urge to start working. After all, I did go to law school and pass the bar, the least I could do is actually practice law.

So I’ve applied to a couple DWI firms here in Austin, but no response. I talked to a friend from law school who works in Houston now, and she said her firm’s San Antonio office might be hiring and that I should send her my resume. Her firm does mostly civil work, but the partner that heads up the SA office still does some criminal defense work (for members of the military–he’s ex-JAG), so I’m a little excited about that. Plus, they seem to hire a lot of St. Mary’s graduates.

The only part I’m not exactly thrilled about is that we’d have to move to San Antonio. It would be one thing if I were single and only renting here in Austin, but I have a wife, kid and house. Not only would it be a big ordeal to move, but we’d have to sell the house and likely buy a house in San Antonio (I doubt we’d rent). I know people do it all the time, but staying in Austin would be so much easier. Plus, I just like Austin better.

It’s not that I dislike San Antonio really. My three years there for law school were fun and interesting, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as Austin. Most of Emily’s family and my family live in the Austin area too, and by leaving we’d be giving up quite a few built-in babysitters–especially my mother-in-law who’s taken care of the little one on short notice several times already.

If it comes down to it, I think we’d all move down to San Antonio. You’ve got to go where the work is, and I’d really like to be bringing in a paycheck soon …


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