Went for a walk tonight

Emily and I took Charley on a walk tonight with Travis and Karla. We went from the house down to the capital and back (Emily tells me it’s about 3 miles). It was in the 70s today, but we went just after the sun went down so it was cooling off a bit. Charley was in her Bumble Ride, but we had a couple blankets to cover her up with.

I keep telling myself I’m going to post more. It’s a really good way to document the important things in my life, and so far I’ve kinda been slacking. Case-in-point: Charley is my new daughter and she’s 8-weeks-old now and this is my first post about her. Pretty pathetic.


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Programmer, lawyer, ambient music lover, cell phone/texting addict. Love skydiving and motorcycles.

One response to “Went for a walk tonight

  1. Andria

    Yes, pathetic indeed. We need more Charley information. Please post!

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