iPhone 2.1 firmware

Ok, I know it’s still relatively early considering the firmware update just came out less than 72 hours ago, but MAN! Steve Jobs touted this as a major update that would fix a lot of bugs, but then if you search the internet in the couple days after the update most people are talking about things like the freaking “3G” and “E” icon changes.

Granted, people are discussing other features of the update, but are we so jaded that we will see the addition of things like NON-USER-CONTROLLED-repeat-text-message-alerts and the oh-I-can-now-move-an-app-across-more-than-one-screen-without-dropping-it “feature” when they haven’t even addressed the lack of standard features like copy/paste and MMS???

Add to that the fact that the update has seemed to do nothing in regard to 3G reception for some users. I don’t get very good 3G reception here in central Austin, but after having an iPhone for a while now and traveling around the city, my experience leads me to blame at&t for THAT problem. I was a Sprint customer for over 10 years before switching to at&t on July 11, 2008 for the iPhone 3G, and I can say from personal experience that Sprints 3G CDMA EV-DO network is years ahead of at&t’s 3G network…at least in San Antonio and Austin.

However, even with all these complaints I am still addicted to my iPhone. Some of it may have to do with the fact that lately I spend most of my time at home where my iPhone is always connected to my wi-fi network. If I had to rely on the 3G and EDGE networks, I know I would be an even unhappier camper.


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