So another birthday has come and gone…I am now 33.

Emily is back at work this week, so I hung out with my friends Paul and Matt for a little while yesterday. This is Matt.

Then Paul and I went down to the Springs for a couple hours. It was really nice to be down there on a weekday afternoon and avoid all the weekend swimmers. When we first walked in I immediately noticed how quiet it was. It was cloudy for most of the time, but we did get a little sun for a while.

I also had a last-minute get-together last night at Phil’s Icehouse with my family and a few friends that could make it. Andria (whose name I had originally spelled “Andrea” but she didn’t tell me!), a friend from law school, stopped by with her dog Ace. The weather was nice and it was good to see everyone, but as I get older birthdays seem more and more just like any regular day of the week. I’m not sure if this has to do with getting older, or just the fact that I don’t really do big celebrations anymore.


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Programmer, lawyer, ambient music lover, cell phone/texting addict. Love skydiving and motorcycles.

One response to “Birthday

  1. Andria

    Awww…I made it into the blog. By the way – the Alaska pics on Flikr look great! My parents have been there twice and I want to go.

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